The Peugeot Speedfight 50.

My Speedfight is a Toreo Red June 98 LCDP model, which is fitted with the BOA integrated lock and electronic engine immobiliser.

Improving the headlamp brightness

The standard headlamp bulb fitted to the Speedfight is a standard filament style which is next to useless in the dark. The bulb can be replaced with a halogen version, which is the type used on modern cars. The new bulb gives about 50% more light than the standard one, and the difference is amazing especially for about 7.00. The replacement bulb is rated the same at 35W so there are no problems with the wiring or battery loading. The only thing is that the two terminals have to be swapped around otherwise when the bulb is fitted the dim/main beams will be the incorrect way to the light switch. The bulb you need to ask for is.

C395H 12v 35/35 Bosch BA20d Halogen


Derestricting the Speedfight 50

In the UK the Speedfight 50 comes by law as a restricted scooter, earning it the category of a 'Moped'. It is therfore possible to derestrict giving better performance and economy. If you are riding on a FULL UK car licence then your dealer will do this for you (3X Motorcycle's will anyway), but if you are 16, you are going to have to do it yourself.

There are 2 stages to this, the first is the limiter in the drivetrain which limits the top speed to 30 mph (45km/h). The second is to remove a restriction in the exhaust system which creates extra backpressure, reducing the engine power.

The scooter feels much safer to ride after derestricting, as it can keep up with the traffic flow rather than halting at the limited speed, forcing cars to dangerously overtake.

If you are new to bikes and want to derestrict your moped, then do it a stage at a time, as you will progressively see the difference made by each stage.

Here's what you can expect.

Level of restriction Top speed on a level road
Fully restricted 34 mph
Removal of speed limiter 48 mph
+ Removal of power limiter 54 mph